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On Taste

Some people sneer, positing their taste is superior. What makes me curious is why dancing to my own beat gives them the jitters.

Take what you like, respect the work. #artissubjective

For New Times

Ran my hands through white flowers in the trees,
Let the tiny petals float down to me.
Wrote clamoring thoughts on clean notebook pages
And clothed silence with gossamer plucked-note drapings.

My heart’s opening. I’m embracing purity.
Been gasping, but now I can finally breathe.

At my friend’s film premiere. Congrats, Albert!!! :) #tribecafilmfestival #loveinthetimeofmarchmadness
Had a really great time #performing tonight at #Alwan Center for the #Arts. Everyone played so beautifully. Hugs hugs hugs
I’M STARTING TO GET GUITAR CALLUSES!!!  :) you may say ew, but i say #lessouch #moreplay #bejealous. also I will never again complain about anything on violin left hand, ever
Backstage at @lamamaetc. thanks to all who made this an awesome run.
Aaaand that’s a wrap.  Thanks to all who made this a great run!
Backstage at La MaMa, L-R: yours truly, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, Jihae, Vong Pak, Miriam Parker, Rami Seo.
Special thanks: Billy Clark and CultureHub, Kevin Hourigan, La MaMa ETC, SeoulArts, CalArts, the Korea Society, Sozo Media Group
riverside guitaring. slowly getting a new song into my fingers. sunshine, water, music, sweetness.
Finally able to log back into my Tumblr!  :)  Yaaaaay.  And just in time!
Announcing a change in performance lineup: I won’t be performing with my SMS kids tomorrow, since they’ve gotten so good on “In C” that my director said she didn’t need me to play with them (guess who’s a proud coach?? ;).  Instead, I’m performing a three-night run with a collaborator and friend, DJ Spooky, at La MaMa.
I’ll be singing and playing violin, improvising over Spooky’s riffs and beats while collaborating with Seoul musicians in real-time over the internetzzz.  There’ll be dancers, traditional Korean instruments, and even a choir…
It’s going to be pretty awesome.  :)
April 11-13, La MaMa (Ellen Stewart Theatre)66 East 4th St, New York, NY 100037:30 pm-8:40 pmMusic video screening after Friday night’s showTickets: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/933130
New vocal demo is up. Check it out :) soundcloud.com/adriannamateo/even